boho coastal style table top styled with handmade macrame table runner and stoneware vases

What is boho coastal style and how to invite boho coastal vibe to your home?

As the name suggests, boho coastal style is a blend of beachy and modern bohemian style with a Scandinavian touch. A relaxed and calming interior decorating style admired by many around the world.

Why home decor matters? 

Boho coastal style cozy corner with a macrame wall hanging and raffia wall hanging. Throws and a cane basket on the side.

Before diving deeper into boho coastal style, It is important to understand why home decor matters. Your home is a reflexion of your inner self. Your unique decorating style tells the world who you really are and what values to you. How you decorate your home affects both your mental and physical health. Uncluttered light filled homes with soothing decor bring joy and help with relaxation. Boho coastal interior decorating style is adapted by many beautiful souls around the world who are eco conscious, focused on natural healing, plant-based food, enjoy slow living and mindfulness. Carefully choosing your interior décor to reflect your taste and interests will help you create a comfortable and inviting space to live in, boosting your mood and overall wellbeing. 

Boho coastal colour palette

When planning on a boho coastal makeover, your starting point always has to be the colour palette. Boho coastal colour palette is fairly limited compared to other interior decorating styles. Most commonly used colours in boho coastal style are blue and white. Even though blue and white look perfect together, you can easily add different tones of greys and greens to bring extra interest to your space.

How to start your makeover?

Once the colour palette is finalised, make your home clutter free. You can start your makeover with a nice piece of furniture or wall hanging as a centre piece for your design. Keep adding matching décor pieces slowly to create your dream boho coastal oasis. During this styling journey, please don’t forget to visit the stores of your local makers and thrift stores. You will be surprised by some of the most beautiful and unusual decor pieces they have in store for you.

Add layers of texture

Add layers of texture to your space using rattan furniture, cushions, pieces of art, pottery, throws, macrame and souvenirs gathered during your travels. Bring life to your space with lots of indoor plants in beautiful handmade pots. My favourite low maintenance indoor plants are Devil’s Ivy and cactus. Plants also help with inviting nature to your indoor space. Boho coastal style is a clean and crisp yet imperfect setup focused on creating a calming and happy ambiance.

Add finishing touches with natural fragrances

Leura natural soy wax candle in a reusable candle jar

Along with the cosy and relaxing space you create using beautiful sustainable home decor, awaken your senses with natural home fragrances. Natural soy wax candles, incense or fragrance diffusers are perfect additions. Fragrances influence how you feel both physically and emotionally. Some of my favourite fragrances are Musk, Sandalwood and Tea Rose. Musk calms and balances mind and emotions. Musk is great to use during your morning meditation or yoga sessions. Sandalwood induces relaxation and calmness and promotes positive thinking. Sandalwood also enhances clarity and aids concentration. If you have rustic pieces of wooden furniture, woody smell of the Sandalwood will nicely blend in with your rustic coastal interiors. Tea Rose keeps the mind fresh and stress free. Burning an incense stick made with Tea Rose natural fragrance oil in the evenings can help you with relaxation and calming your mind.


To summarise, boho coastal style is all about creating a space with a combination of modern bohemian and Scandinavian touches. Adding layers of texture using different arty elements while maintaining a muted colour tone and inviting nature into your home with plants and natural fragrances are the key elements. I hope you will enjoy creating your boho abode you always dreamed of. A relaxed and calming space you will enjoy sharing with your loved ones.

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