Meet the Founder

Hello I’m Sanjee. I am a self-taught fibre artist and the Founder of The Footprint. I envision happiness, simplicity, love for art and nature through my brand.

I am a former IT professional and I enjoyed working in the corporate world during the early years of my career. However, later I started struggling with the demanding extended working hours which affected my health. I started longing for something different and more peaceful. During the first year of the global pandemic, I discovered my hidden talent for art and craft. It was the beginning of my journey as a fibre artist, designing and handcrafting bohemian style home decor from my Melbourne based home using sustainability as the core of my brand.  

Slow making home decor using my own hands opened up my mind into a serene world which I have never experienced before and my health has improved. The different textures and shapes of the material I work with fascinates me so much. My mission is to help you create a beautiful and relaxing retreat at home and achieve the same level of happiness that I have achieved while creating your art decor pieces.

Photo of founder of The Footprint. Who is also the designer and maker of the most of the products in The Footprint collection